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Demo's TorriWallet.

Send payments, view balances and review recent transactions, all from one place. TorriWallet makes securing and using your CryptoCurrency easy!

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1631 confirmed, 0 unconfirmed.

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Fri Nov 22 15:38:00 2019 (TorriWallet official time).

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A standard payment fee will be taken in addition to the Bitcoin value paid, calculated at the current rate.

How demo wallet works

This demo wallet uses the Bitcoin Testnet network to demonstrate some of the functionality of our service.

The 'My Bitcoin' section describes the current balance of your wallet, if you have any unconfirmed transactions, and how much you've paid out. It is a useful way to keep an eye on your finances.

The 'Make a Payment' section makes paying other people, companies and wallets easy. Include the address you want to pay (or use our included demo address), set the amount you want to pay in Satoshis, then click 'Make a Payment'. This demo will only pay Bitcoin Testnet addresses, so feel free to give it a try!

Just don't try to take too much, or TorriWallet will detect an overspend (which you would set when opening a TorriWallet) and stop the transaction.